why I won’t be voting for Joe Biden

Look, I get it. I was once a Ballot Blue No Matter That lady myself– as well as fortunately Allah is the Most Flexible. I reluctantly mailed in my tally to vote for Hillary Clinton from fucking France to try to conserve this God-forsaken nation from a Donald Trump presidency. I sustained a warmongering racist who never supported me for one 2nd since I thought it was my Patriotic American Responsibility ™ to vote for the lesser of 2 wickedness. Yet how screwed up is it that relatively every four years, Let’s Go Brandon christmas mug, we as a country do a collective sigh and cast a vote for whatever person we’ve considered least likely to spoil our goddamned lives?

It’s so screwed up that I merely refuse to do it anymore. I will no longer register for the concept that choosing in between 2 alleged– I claim declared to not obtain sued, but I think Tara Reade and all of Trump’s accusers– rapists is freedom. It’s not. You’re attempting to inform me the will of individuals is Trump versus Biden in the year 2020? IT’S. NOT.

Here’s a cute listicle of the reasons that I won’t be voting for Joe Biden. I don’t have throughout the day and I’m truthfully not exactly sure the WYV internet site can handle an article enough time to mark every little thing bad he’s ever before done, so consider this fuckshit which is just the pointer of the gigantic iceberg:

1. The Criminal Offense Expense and Succeeding Sucky Crook Justice Views

The 1994 regulation co-authored by Joe Biden has been widely slammed as a racist policy which greatly boosted the targeting, arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment of brownish and Black people. Biden does not care though! He still stands by the bill, claiming it assisted restore crime-ridden American cities. Sounds concerning white.

If that had not been sufficient, Biden doesn’t desire any of those incarcerated individuals he’s partially responsible for locking up to be able to elect while in prison! Let’s Go Brandon christmas mug! Allowing all those people have civil liberties might threaten his chances at winning the Autonomous primary– as well as he couldn’t have that. What’s more hazardous than an offender ballot? Perhaps making a lot of people leave their houses during a pandemic to elect you in the Wisconsin main despite referrals from pertinent public health authorities to restrict exposure?

2. Will Not Also Let Us Lawfully Smoke Weed While He’s Being a Bad President

Let the states choose, he states! That’s gone super well for us in the past. * blinks in slavery *.

3. Does Not Want to Prohibit Fracking.

This is bad for the earth yet helpful for Ru Paul’s business undertakings, I presume?

4. He’s Been Credibly Charged of Sexual Assault.

The Allyssa Milanos of the globe might only respect rape accusations when they entail Republicans, but EYE believe Tara Reade. I am alarmed by the truth that a number of the same individuals that championed the #MeToo activity and also highlighted the allegations versus Trump are pretending they do not recognize what Tara Reade so fearlessly shared like Let’s Go Brandon christmas mug.

Each and every single time I state I’m a jail activist, individuals ask me what we’ll do with the rapists. We’ll let them compete head of state, Karen. And we’ll embarrass individuals who don’t join behind the Democratic rapist to beat the Republican rapist.

5. Not into Universal Medical care.

We are in the center of a public health dilemma unlike anything we have actually ever seen. At the same time, millions are shedding their health insurance since it was tied to their employment status and also they were fired or furloughed. You recognize where that shit doesn’t happen? In nations with universal health care. The USA just allows people to pass away from totally preventable points since we have a privatized healthcare system. That’s essentially bad and also Joe Biden will not get behind Medicare for All despite knowing every one of this.

These were just 9 of the factors I will certainly not elect Joe Biden for head of state in November. There are a myriad of other factors, yet I believe any among the ones I mentioned could be considered disqualifying from the celebration of the supposed left.

I do not desire you to analyze my large craze with the Democratic Event as pessimism, Let’s Go Brandon christmas mug however. The reason I’m an anarchist is due to the fact that I’m hopeful. I actually believe that we as individuals have the capacity to care deeply for each and every other. I believe that a brand-new world is feasible. Coordinators, protestors, and also scholars have been discussing it as well as benefiting it for far longer than I have actually called myself a radical. We can join them in their mission to make this globe a lot more fair, safer, as well as far better for everybody. The very best component is that we can do that without needing to choose either racist rapist running for president in 2020.

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