The Real Stars Hollow: A Gilmore Girls Guide

In Connecticut, the start of autumn is such a special season. The scenery is stunning, the leaves are in full fall color, and it’s just chilly enough to sip on a hot cup of coffee ala Gilmore Girls!

If you’re a fan of the Gilmore Girls, you probably already know that Amy Sherman-Palladino, the show’s creator, stayed at Washington’s Mayflower Inn and drew inspiration for our beloved Stars Hollow from the town of Washington. You also will love this Babette And Morey Relationship Goals Inspired Stars Hollow Shirt. In order to experience the “genuine Stars Hollow” of Connecticut and channel your inner Gilmore Girl this fall, we cordially encourage you to travel to Washington.

Let’s have coffee first thing in the morning

The ideal place to begin your Gilmore Girls trip in our own Stars Hollow is Washington Depot. Start off with a sizable cup of coffee from Marty’s Cafe or stop by The Po Cafe for an americano, cappuccino, or latte in Autumn Festival Smells Like Fall Stars Hollow Shirt. After that, head over to The Pantry to grab a couple of morning pastries!

“You like coffee?” “Only with my oxygen.” – Lorelai Gilmore

View Rory’s reading list at Hickory Stick Books

We may claim that Washington and Stars Hollow would not be the same without their respective small-town bookstores! The newest blockbusters, fresh arrivals, and stationery may be found at the Hickory Stick Bookshop. Even a “Rory Reads Book List” has been compiled by The Hickory Stick, which you can start reading while enjoying your second (or third) cup of coffee. Go across the street to Five Janes, a delightful shop where Rory and Lorelai would adore to browse if you’re looking for a souvenir to bring home like Vintage Embroidered Sweatshirt Inspired Luke’s Diner

“I live in two worlds; one is a world of books.” – Rory Gilmore

Walk through the storied Washington Green

A wonderful location to see small-town colonial architecture similar to that of Stars Hollow is the Washington Green Historic District. You might be reminded of the church in the middle of Stars Hollow by the First Congregational Church Meetinghouse in Stars Hollow Dragonfly Inn Sweatshirt. We cordially invite you to travel from Washington Green to the Gunn Historical Museum, where you can take part in a self-guided tour of “Washington, CT: An American Story,” which will transport you back in time and provide you with a fascinating history of Washington, similar to the Stars Hollow History Museum, which was once old man Twickum’s residence!

Walk through New Preston window shopping

Beautiful neighborhood stores may be found in New Preston Village (Where You Lead I Will Follow Inspired Stars Hollow Shirt), and they are quite pleasant. You may channel your inner Lorelai while window shopping by finding chic accessories at Plain Goods, J. Seitz & Co., and Privet House. Or channel your inner Rory and browse D.K.’s new selection of writing instruments and stationery. Design by Schulman. And don’t forget to stop by Sweets for some chocolate and red vines to satiate your Gilmore Girl sweet appetite before you leave.

Walking distance to Thoreau Bridge

While the Gilmore sisters would not often jump for joy at the prospect of hiking, we know they would adore the adorable attire! Washington’s preserves are stunning at this time of year if you want to explore the great outdoors. We also have the Henry David Thoreau Bridge at the Hidden Valley Preserve, which is close by and definitely worth the trip for the vista. The quotations that have been engraved on the bridge in tribute to this poet and philosopher are undoubtedly ones that Rory would find inspiring with Stars Hollow Pumpkin Patch Sweatshirt

Burgers and dessert are the perfect way to round off your day in Stars Hollow

Burgers and dessert at the end of the day are essential to a Stars Hollow excursion. Washington Depot, where the G.W. The environment is comfortable, and the tavern offers a wide selection of traditional foods and desserts with Pumpkin Patch Autumn Festival Stars Hollow Shirt.

Or go to the White Horse Country Pub & Restaurant for the Royal Melting Chocolate Lava Cake and the House Signature Burger, and Founders Day Punch Inspired Gilmore Girls Sweatshirt.

On your way back home, stop by The Po Cafe for a quick cup of coffee or grab a wonderful pastry from The Smithy Cafe to enjoy one more time in Breathe In Falls Smells Like Fall Autumn Stars Hollow Shirt

Come to Connecticut’s Stars Hollow this Fall or Thanksgiving

The television series Gilmore Girls holds a particular place in many of our hearts, and there is no better way to honor it than by visiting Connecticut’s very own Stars Hollow here in Washington, Connecticut! Additionally, you can use our Fall Foliage Viewing Map to see the stunning fall scenery throughout Washington. And don’t forget to shop at Bugaloo Boutique for shirts inspired by Stars Hollow in your “Stars Hollow” adventures.

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